Hi, I'm Pete. 

I am inspired when technology connects people and enables shared real-world experiences. 

For the past 8 years I have explored the intersection of AR, VR and location based social gaming to create a connected gaming experience.

In 2012, I started using wireless cameras to put pilots in the seat of custom built racing drones to race insane 3D courses. Meeting-up with friends to race through natural environments or man made courses felt like a video game but had real-world consequences.


My passion for drones led me to build the Drone Squad in 2016, the world's largest drone racing league. Our global community of pilots connected in our app, but the fellowship didn’t just exist online. Every week local organizers listed Drone Squad events at new flying locations that welcomed newcomers and reconnected friends who loved to fly.

In 2017, I took our technology and learnings from Drone Squad and started building “Real World MarioKart” with RC cars. Now called AR SUPERCARS, it combines the visceral thrills of real-life RC racing with the endless potential of video game mechanics.

In 2020, my new company xSCAPE games will launch AR SUPERCARs. A high end version of the game controlled with professional race car simulators.

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