Hi, I'm Pete. 

I am a dad, inventor, gaming entrepreneur and volunteer wilderness first responder.


I am inspired when technology connects people to enable shared real-world experiences. My focus is the intersection of XR, robotics and location based social gaming.

Back in 2012 I saw a youtube video of a guy flying a home-made camera drone through a half demolished skysraper.  He used video goggles and a live video feed to pilot the drone. As an aviation nut and game developer I was in.

Flying drones is always more fun with friends, but it's hard to find local hobbyists. So in 2016 raised money to develop Drone Squad, a community app that connected local pilots for meetups and races. Our scrappy team prototyped features on weekdays and tested them at weekend events. Rapid iteration with customers allowed us to come out of beta with a laser focused product and grow to 30,000 hobbyists in 150 countries with no marketing budget.

Next we released the RaceTracker, a personal race timing system that allowed anyone to run a race at the fraction of the cost of the big events.  Our pilot network loved it and we saw app engagement and retention triple.

In the end, Drone Racing was a victim of it's own success. Government regulation stalled growth. We proved that real-world gaming worked so we pivoted to a larger market: RC Cars. And that's where the story of xScape Games begins.

In 2017, I took our technology and learnings from Drone Squad and developed an AR camera that enables “Real World MarioKart” with RC cars.  At xSCAPE games. Our technology combines the visceral thrills of real-life RC racing with the endless potential of video game mechanics.


In 2020, our AR product for location based brand activations was put on hold due to Covid. The xScape Games team switched development to the Action Puck, a wireless car tracker that enables RC car drivers to turn any location into a gaming arena.