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Designing Viral Features


In 2015 during the birth of the sport, drone races were plagued by video frequency management mixups routinely took down 90 MPH drones. At Drone Squad, we identified an opportunity to solve these and other logistical problems with software tools for race organizers that could form the backbone of our league. And that's what happened. Every race organizer that adopted our app, translated into 5-100 pilots joining our league.


Working with drone race organizers, we used interviews, paper prototypes, click-through prototypes and weekly app builds  to understand and solve their unique problems.


This lean design and development process lead to rapid product-market fit. Every organizer and racer benefitted from using our app at events so it quickly became a race requirement. Word of mouth driven by product market fit and viral product features lead to exponential growth with no paid customer acquisition.

Solving Problems for Drone Race Organizers

Solving Problems for Drone Race Organizers

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